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Essential and Underseen Horror Films – Cult Following Episode #70

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The Cult Following crew is back from hiatus with an all-new episode for Halloween focusing on essential movies you should view not just for Halloween, but that are criminally underseen and underrated. This episode will build your horror playlist with picks from all over the place, from VHS oddities to Hitchcock and classic Universal horror essentials and everywhere in between!

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Our Favorite Stephen King Adaptations & Books – Cult Following Episode #69


Hey guys, this episode was recorded earlier this summer, but its raised from the grave just in time for Halloween! In this episode, we chat about Stephen King adaptations following the success of IT and the crew talks about some of their favorite books and works of his. Check it out leading up to the debut of our Halloween episode!

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Movie Trivia or Cult Following Goes Running Man! – Cult Following Episode #68


Hey guys! Cult Following is back from a brief hiatus with some lost episodes! This was supposed to air right before our first trivia night at Valley Bar, but in this edition, Victor presents a horror trivia game for the Cult Following crew to play – testing their knowledge on taglines, catchphrases and much, much more! Plus, check out our thoughts on some recent films and collectibles, play along at home and join us for Horror Trivia at Valley Bar on October 24th!

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Remembering Tobe Hooper – Cult Following Episode #67


In this episode of Cult Following, the crew looks back at some of their favorite films by director Tobe Hooper. We chat about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and 2, Lifeforce, Funhouse, Poltergeist, Invaders from Mars and many, many more. We also chat about some recent films we’ve been watching like the new Netflix Death Note film and more!

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Cult Following Reviews 1997’s SPAWN! It’s the SPAWNCAST! – Cult Following Episode #66


Cult Following beams back to the year 1997 for a Retro Review of Mark A.Z. Dippe’s comic book action fest SPAWN! Marvel as we discuss the film adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s 1990’s action hero! Does it stand up to 1997’s BATMAN & ROBIN!? What do we think of its electronica meets nu-metal soundtrack? And the secret connection it has to Power Rangers! All here in this all-new, all-different episode of Cult Following!

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