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The Most Underrated Films of the ’00’s – Cult Following Episode #87

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In this episode of Cult Following, the crew breaks down what they consider to be the hidden gems of the first decade of the 21st century. Kirby, Victor, and Joshua break down their Top 5 Underrated, Underseen Favorite Films of the 2000’s and their choices may surprise you! Plus reviews of Crazy Rich Asians, The Happy Time Murders, and a discussion of identity politics and film in 2018 from Black Panther to now are all apart of this episode of Cult Following!

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SDCC 2018 Recap, Mad Monster AZ 2018, Mission Impossible: Fallout & More – Cult Following Episode #86


Cult Following is back with an all-new episode! In this one, Victor recaps San Diego Comic-Con 2018, including theBold Voices of Horror panel featuring clips and behind the scenes info from Mandy, Tales from the Hood 2, Suspiria, Summer of 84 and more including the activations for The Purge and Taco Bell’s Demolition Man. Plus we talk about the latest in horror collectibles from Mondo, NECA, and more. Plus reviews of Sorry To Bother You, Skyscraper, Unfriended 2: Dark Web, Mission Impossible: Fallout and Equalizer 2.

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Reviews: Antman & The Wasp, The First Purge, Sicario 2 & The Death of MoviePass – Cult Following #85


In this episode of Cult Following, the crew reviews Antman and The Wasp, The First Purge, Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado and Won’t You Be My Neighbor. We also chat about media influencers, Monstervision, TCM Underground, Shudder and do a breakdown of the death of MoviePass and the rise of services like AMC A-List and Alamo Drafthouse’s Season Pass

Join us at Mad Monster in Scottsdale, AZ from July 13th to July 15th. Plus check out “A BOY AND HIS DOG” at the Alamo Drafthouse on July 12th and DEAD NIGHT with a Q and A with Barbara Crampton on July 29th. Tickets for both at as well as VIDEO VORTEX on 7/25 and 7/30.

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Reviews: Incredibles 2, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Hereditary, Upgrade and RoboCop 3 – Cult Following Episode #84

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In this episode of Cult Following, join Victor, Joshua and Kirby as we review Hereditary and Upgrade in depth. We also give our thoughts on the newest installment of Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles and Joshua gives his hot take on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. We also talk about whether director’s cut blurays offer anything new, what is frightening in the wake of Hereditary and you THE LISTENER get a chance to win tickets to see UNFRIENDED DARK WEB if you live in Phoenix! Join us on Cult Following!

PLUS! Let us know your worst movie watching experience ever at and win a pair of VIP passes to see UNFRIENDED DARK WEB on July 16th in Tempe!

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Hereditary, Solo, Electric Dreams, Vacation of Terror 2: Diabolical Birthday – The Summer of 2018 in Film

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In this episode, the gang chats about Hereditary, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Electric Dreams, Upgrade and catches up on films and TV, plus we chat about the past month’s picks for Video Vortex including SECRET AGENT 00 SOUL, TAMMY AND THE T-REX, THINGS and VACATION OF TERROR 2: DIABOLICAL BIRTHDAY. Join us as we sing CHICOS, CHICOS, CHICOS on this edition of Cult!

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