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PODCAST: Cult Following #1 – Visiting Carrie Fisher’s & Debbie Reynolds’ Grave at Forest Lawn (Princess Leia)

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Cult Following is our new travel video series where we visit interesting and iconic film locations and figures in the world of pop culture and entertainment. In this entry, we visit Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills and the sarcophagus grave of


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Join Adam from View and Spew Review in the first of a reaction video series within the next chapter of the Neil Breen Experience! Welcome to the Breeniverse. Independent filmmaker Neil Breen and his legendary work is witnessed and discussed.

PODCAST: MONSTER BEACH PARTY A GO GO (2009) – View & Spew Review

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A stranded rock and roll band, incompetent police, mechanic, syphilis, biologist, and a Skunk Ape. What could go wrong? About Us: Every episode of the ‘View & Spew Review’ Adam Rutkowski, Joshua T. Ruth and Shawn McLoughlin get together to

PODCAST: Cult Following #97 – Our Favorite Scream Queens, Director Spotlight: Rob Zombie, Toy Fair 2020

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In this episode of Cult Following, Victor Moreno and Jasparino talk about their favorite scream queens and femme fatales in horror in recognition of Women in Horror Month, as well as some of their favorite female horror icons. Plus, they

PODCAST: THE FACE WITH TWO LEFT FEET (1979) – View & Spew Review

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Italian hijinks slapstick comedy of a reverse mistaken identity plotting to pass a local hotel prep-chef “Johnny” as SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER era John Travolta to the amusement of his co-workers/friends. The stakes are raised when the plans interfere between Johnny’s

PODCAST: ROBOT WORLD (2015) View & Spew Review

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ROBOT WORLD is a deliberately paced sci-fi concept involving an astronaut landing on a planet seemingly inhabited by two warring robot factions. Is there more to the story? Were we deliberately bored and/or unimpressed? Watch and find out! About Us:

PODCAST: Cult Following Xtra #5 – Inteview & Q&A w/Kurt Russell & James Gunn, 2020 Oscars Recap, The Lodge & Birds of Prey Review

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We’re back with another new episode of Cult Following Xtra. This week, Victor Moreno does a full recap of all the winners and losers and high and lows of the 2020 Academy Awards, which featured a sweep by Bong Joon


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Every episode of the ‘View & Spew Review’ Adam Rutkowski, Joshua T. Ruth and Shawn McLoughlin get together to watch an obscure film none of them have seen then discuss it immediately after. Join us as we share our raw

PODCAST: Cult Following Xtra #4 – F9 Trailer, THE RHYTHM SECTION, Interview & Q&A w/Kim Bailey & Charles Chiodo of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE

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Victor Moreno hosts this week’s edition of Cult Following Xtra which includes an interview with special effects artist Kim Bailey and writer Charles Chiodo of KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE chatting about the legacy of the film, whether a sequel

PODCAST: Cult Following #96 – THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999)

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Cult Following returns after a year-long hiatus with hosts Victor Moreno and Jasparino coming back to talk about some of their favorite cult movies and news and updates in the world of film and film ephemera! On Episode #96, the

PODCAST: Baby Ghost (1995) View & Spew Review

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A mischievous baby sea-monster is released from its enchanted entrapment to wreak havoc in an office building and annoy everyone – including the viewers. A movie made for kids that kids wouldn’t watch so watch us older men critique it

PODCAST: STUNT ROCK (1980) View & Spew Review

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STUNT ROCK (1980) is filled with stunts, rock n roll, wizards, demons, and a shrouded keyboardist. All the way from Down Under and into our hearts comes an ignite you on fire, kick you in the face, and jump off

PODCAST: POWDER HEADS (1980) – View & Spew Review feat. special co-host Catherine Mary Stewart

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In this very special episode, we are joined by cult film legend Catherine Mary Stewart to discuss her 2nd film: ‘Powder Heads’ (1980). This low-budget ski-comedy from Canada comes with multiple warnings of South American drugs and loose women, and

PODCAST: OLD MAN (2004) – View & Spew Review

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Our unofficial-official Halloween episode of 2019. Join the Beards this week as they subject themselves to the micro-budget horror of OLD MAN. A couple moves into a home where a gruesome murder took place and are terrorized by an octogenarian

PODCAST: SPACE RAIDERS (1983) – View & Spew Review

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Strap-on your space-beards and grip your asteroid blasters for the latest episode of View and Spew where the gang discusses ‘Space Raiders.’ This scrappy low-budget classic from legendary schlock producer Roger Corman features a jaunty alien, space-pies in the face,

PODCAST: Horror Cult #4 – Folklore in Horror Film and Anthology Horror plus Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark

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In this episode of Horror Cult, Kirby and Victor discuss folklore in horror film. From Midsommar to Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark, its been a big year for anthology inspired horror and we delve deep into exploring that

PODCAST: Savage Beards #1 – Cool Cat Kids Superhero (2018)

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This episode the View & Spew gang assume their new personas as the Savage Beards and explore the work of Derek Savage and his children’s film COOL CAT: KID’S SUPERHERO. A collection of dramatized safety tips from a giant orange

PODCAST: View and Spew Review #10 – Suburban Sasquatch (2004)

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On the latest episode OF View and Spew Review, the crew subject themselves to the ultra low-budget ‘Suburban Sasquatch’ which features a bloodthirsty interdimensionally-teleporting Bigfoot battling an Ugg boots wearing Native American warrior with healing powers and a magic bow.

PODCAST: View & Spew Review #9 – Spellcaster (1988)

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This delightful episode we explore the hidden gem SPELLCASTER (1988) featuring Adam Ant as the devil, a drooling anthropomorphic demon throne and zombie-infested dungeons. From some of the filmmakers behind RE-ANIMATOR and legendary producer Charles Band, this film caught us

PODCAST: View & Spew Review #8 – Santa with Muscles (1996)

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During this very festive episode, the View and Spew Crew celebrate Christmas in July with SANTA WITH MUSCLES starring Hulk Hogan. This family comedy features a martial arts gourmet chef with weaponized quiche, a young Mila Kunis discovering a secret