Review: The Magnificent Seven (2016)


The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Rated PG-13, Action/Western, runtime 2 hours 12 minutes, 2.35:1, MGM & Columbia Pictures.

Look everyone, another remake! Instead of remaking The Magnificent series 1-6, MGM & Columbia Pictures decided to jump right to The Magnificent Seven (total dad joke, sorry – while leaving the theater I had to bite my tongue from saying out loud, “I can’t wait to watch one through six!”). While most think the 1960’s version as the original, it’s simply not true. Akira Kurosawa, arguably one of if not the greatest filmmaker of the 20th century, wrote and directed its first incarnation: Seven Samurai (1954). The plot is simple and timeless. It is hinged on strongly defined and executed character while maintaining it as an ensemble piece.

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Video Collection Obsession – Cult Following Episode #44


This time for Episode 44 of Cult Following we stick directly to the topic: Video Collection Obsession!

The latest trend in video releases seems to cater toward definitive collections and/or quick bare bones blu rays. Does it influence our buying/collection decisions? What should one look out for? Are you a casual collector or a completest?

Also let us know if you like a shorter/direct topic episode and/or topics you’d like to hear us discuss!

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The 2016 Summer of Film in Review – Cult Following Episode #43


Check out Episode 43 of Cult Following! We talk about the summer’s films in the rearview and get deep into discussing the current state of horror, looking at Rob Zombie’s 31 and Don’t Breathe!

Spoilers abound!

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Review: Blair Witch (2016)


Seventeen years have passed since the release of the film that firmly rooted the found footage genre into the cinematic landscape and has found its true sequel in Adam Wingard’s new vision of the landmark franchise. Is it worth venturing back into Burkittsville, into the deep, dark woods?

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Beyond Fest returns to Los Angeles with the best genre lineup you’ll see in 2016


It’s no secret the Cult Classics and Cult Following crew are a big fan of Los Angeles’ annual Beyond Fest genre film festival. Held annually every year at the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theater , Beyond Fest is the non-profit festival brainchild of Death Waltz Records, American Cinematheque, Spectrefest, Meltdown Comics, Fantastic Fest and Shudder. 2016 stands to be the festival’s best year ever. With the LA premiere of Phantasm Remastered, the West Coast premiere of Phantasm Ravager, plus a 30th anniversary screening of Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell live in person, and Fabio Frizzi and Wu Tang’s RZA BOTH doing a live film re-scores, this festival is the genre film event of the West Coast. Check out the full lineup after the jump! The Cult crew will be there catching many of these films and will let you know our thoughts on the festival!

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