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THE CROW (2024) – 1st Trailer Reaction and Breakdown

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Your pals at Cult Classics are huge fans of the original 1994 version of THE CROW – it was our second feature when we brought back Cult Classics in 2022 as a retro screening series. The new trailer and poster

FILM REVIEW: Problemista (2024) is a stylish and surreal view at navigating the pitfalls of immigrant life in America

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Julio Torres’ feature film debut is a wonderfully surreal and affecting comedy about navigating towards your authentic self as a working immigrant. One of the shining lights for this writer during the pandemic was the discovery of the sitcom “Los

VIDEO REVIEW: We Watched ARGYLLE (2024) Movie Review

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We Watched ARGYLLE – Movie Review #shorts #shortsvideo

VIDEO REVIEW: Mean Girls (2024 Musical) Movie Review

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We Watched Mean Girls (2024 Musical) Movie Review #shorts #shortsvideo

VIDEO REVIEW: We Watched DUNE PART TWO & We Have Thoughts …

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Victor from Cult Classics finally gets to see DUNE PART TWO and gives us his thoughts on the new Denis Villaneuve film in this review. Dune hits theaters on March 1st #filmreview #movies #moviereview

FILM REVIEW: Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE PART TWO is a feast for the senses.

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Director Denis Villeneuve’s conclusion to his Dune saga is a provocative meditation on the fall of a corrupt feudal system turned totalitarian and the rise of a radicalized fundamentalist fascist regime. When one thinks of Frank Herbert’s Dune, a book

GIVEAWAYS: PHX! VEGAS! Free Advanced Passes to see NIGHT SWIM on January 3rd!

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2023 is almost over but your friends at Cult Classics and Blumhouse want YOU to kick off 2024 with a brand-new horror collab from BLUMHOUSE and ATOMIC MONSTER with the new film NIGHT SWIM – We have advanced passes for

VIDEO: The Iron Claw (2023) Non-Spoiler Film Review

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Your pals Victor and Jasper from Cult Classics just saw the new movie THE IRON CLAW from A24, a dramatization of the lives of the famous pro-wrestling family The Von Erichs starring Jeremy Allen White from THE BEAR. Check out

VIDEO: We Went Funko Pop Hunting at the 3rd Funko Winter Wonderland Warehouse Sale in Buckeye, AZ!

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Your pal Victor from @CultClassics went to the 3rd Funko Warehouse Sale in Buckeye, AZ on opening day. Was this a better event than the original or 2nd sale? Check out this video and find out the whole process! LINK:

VIDEO: Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning (2023) Film Review

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Victor Moreno from Cult Classics reviews Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning. Check out his thoughts here in this non-spoiler review of the action thriller!

VIDEO: The Ultimate Tour of Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Visiting Over 40 Stars of Entertainment & Cinema in West Hollywood, CA!

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Your pals from Cult Classics and 700 Tapes take you on the ultimate tour of #famousgraves and #celebritygraves at #HollywoodForever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California! We visit the final resting places of some of pop culture’s most revered figures! Stars

VIDEO: BEAU IS AFRAID (2023) Movie Review

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Your pals at Cult Classics were super excited to catch BEAU IS AFRAID, the new movie from Ari Aster, director of MIDSOMMAR and HEREDITARY. Check out our thoughts here in this video below!

VIDEO: Check out the final trailer for THE FLASH in theaters June 15th!

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If you were on the fence about The Flash and we’re a fan of Flashpoint or Keaton’s Batman – this is the trailer for you! The Flash hits theaters June 15th!

NEWS: New Poster and Trailer for THE ARTIFICE GIRL hitting theaters on April 27th!

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We’re very excited to check out THE ARTIFICE GIRL, which was acquired by XYZ Films out of SXSW. Sci-Fi horror is one of our favorite genres, from the AI doppelganger film CAM to this year’s M3GAN, it’s open to a

VIDEO: RENFIELD (2023) Out of Theatre Non-Spoiler Movie Review from Overlook Film Festival 2023

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Your pals at Cult Classics and Cult Following spent the week at the Overlook Film Festival in New Orleans and now we’re giving you guys thoughts on some of the films we watched there! Here’s our out-of-the-theatre non-spoiler review of

VIDEO: Review & Unboxing of McFarlane Toys DC MULTIVERSE The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman Figure

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Victor unboxes and reviews the McFarlane The Dark Knight Batman figure from McFarlane Toys. Check out his review here! If you enjoy our video series, please subscribe and turn on your notifications and follow us at for more content!

NEWS: Welcome Villain Films announces OUTLAST composer Samuel Laflamme to score MALUM

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RENOWNED GENRE MUSIC LABEL WAXWORK RECORDS TO RELEASE THE SCORE ON VINYL, CD AND DIGITAL Los Angeles, CA – March 20, 2023 – Welcome Villain Films is excited to announce that Samuel Laflamme, the composer known for his groundbreaking work

EVENTS: Cult Classics presents HOUSE on Saturday April 22nd at Landmark Scottsdale Quarter

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By popular demand, Cult Classics celebrates year one of our residency at Landmark Scottsdale Quarter with the EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE of 70’s Japanese horror, Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 technicolor haunted house/musical/animated/evil cat cult horror film HAUSU! TICKETS: Toho

VIDEO: SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS (2023) Non-Spoiler Film Review

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Victor from Cult Classics and CultFollowing gives his non-spoiler thoughts on the new David F. Sandberg superhero sequel SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS – Check out his thoughts in the video below!

VIDEO: JOHN WICK 4 (2023) Non-Spoiler Film Reaction / Review

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Your friends at Cult Classics got to check out an early press screening of JOHN WICK 4 this week. Check out Victor’s non-spoiler reaction and thoughts on seeing the movie right out of the theatre auditorium below! Follow us on