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REVIEW: Josephine Decker’s SHIRLEY gives us a harrowing and haunting look at the price of genius and creativity.

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Elizabeth Moss plays acclaimed horror author Shirley Jackson with fiendish aplomb in this fictionalized account of the creative process behind the writing of her novel Hangsaman. Shirley Jackson is one of the most acclaimed horror authors of the 20th century.

REVIEW: THE VAST OF NIGHT attempts to channel the spirit of The Twilight Zone with mixed results.

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First-time director Andrew Patterson utilizes innovative cinematography and production design to make this low-budget period piece seem like a much bigger film, but the film’s methodic pacing makes it a very slow burn. As THE VAST OF NIGHT gets underway,

REVIEW: BLOOD MACHINES combines science fiction and the surreal in an explosion of retro-flavored Lovecraftian sci-fi/horror.

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Director Seth Ickerman combines the driving retro synth-wave sound of Carpenter Brut to a fun 80’s sci-fi body horror throwback with shades of Alien, Blade Runner, and From Beyond. Director Seth Ickerman and synth-wave band Carpenter Brut have a soft

COLLECTIBLES: How to Find the NECA DC Comics #NYCC Exclusive Action Figure 2 Packs at Walmart!

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At Cult, lots of us are into collectibles, especially from NECA. Last year, NECA made some rad DC Comics/Fox tie-in 2 packs limited to NYCC, but now some of these very hard to find items are finding their way to


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Join Adam from View and Spew Review in the first of a reaction video series within the next chapter of the Neil Breen Experience! Welcome to the Breeniverse. Independent filmmaker Neil Breen and his legendary work is witnessed and discussed.

REVIEW: THE WRETCHED spins a tale of teen alienation with backwoods body horror with mixed results

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Channeling films like Abel Ferrara’s 1993 BODY SNATCHERS with elements of CRITTERS and THE LOST BOYS, THE WRETCHED entertains with an interesting premise but feels more than a bit overstuffed. In the past couple of years, films dealing with the

PODCAST: MONSTER BEACH PARTY A GO GO (2009) – View & Spew Review

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A stranded rock and roll band, incompetent police, mechanic, syphilis, biologist, and a Skunk Ape. What could go wrong? About Us: Every episode of the ‘View & Spew Review’ Adam Rutkowski, Joshua T. Ruth and Shawn McLoughlin get together to

NEWS: Check out the new SHOGUN ASSASSIN inspired RICK AND MORTY Short Film

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Hey guys, it has been a weird couple of weeks in the world and we have to admit its been hard finding reasons to post, especially with our future live events being canceled for a bit. But I think we’re

REVIEW: SWALLOW examines the idea of taking physical control over one’s self to escape the claustrophobic psychological horror of existential dread.

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Writer/director Carlo Mirabella-Davis’ unique feminist horror film examines the psychological damage from being forced to live as a trophy Stepford Wife versus the physical damage of the compulsive disorder used to make that burden palatable. In the past few years,

INTERVIEW: SWALLOW’S Carlo Mirabella-Davis: Film ‘needs to take us to uncomfortable and dangerous places.’

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Writer/director Carlo Mirabella-Davis delivers a very personal film steeped in genre flavor with his latest feature, Swallow; a long-gestating project inspired by family tragedy, but one that speaks to important social and cultural conversations happening now in the world of

REVIEW: THE BANKER shines a compelling light on the injustices placed on many in search of the American Dream.

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Directo George Nolfi leads a star-studded cast in this captivating true-life story of African-American entrepreneurs who hired a white frontman to enable them to succeed in the segregated worlds of banking and real estate of the ’60s. Period pictures have

PODCAST: Cult Following #97 – Our Favorite Scream Queens, Director Spotlight: Rob Zombie, Toy Fair 2020

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In this episode of Cult Following, Victor Moreno and Jasparino talk about their favorite scream queens and femme fatales in horror in recognition of Women in Horror Month, as well as some of their favorite female horror icons. Plus, they

PODCAST: THE FACE WITH TWO LEFT FEET (1979) – View & Spew Review

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Italian hijinks slapstick comedy of a reverse mistaken identity plotting to pass a local hotel prep-chef “Johnny” as SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER era John Travolta to the amusement of his co-workers/friends. The stakes are raised when the plans interfere between Johnny’s

REVIEW: VEROTIKA, Glenn Danzig’s ode to the classic horror anthology, suffers from a case of ambition over experience in execution.

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While Danzig’s influences in Italian horror are well-represented, Verotika is a largely overstuffed affair without a critical eye for the editing and direction necessary to elevate the overall concept. On one level, Glenn Danzig, music legend and well-known comic book

REVIEW: GUNS AKIMBO is balls to the wall fun.

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Samara Weaving and Daniel Radcliffe headline this insane living Fortnite game of a film that is equal parts Suicide Squad, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Wanted, and American Ultra in an ultraviolent little package. You have to give props to

REVIEW: EXTRA ORDINARY is a fun and quirky supernaturally tinged comedy.

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Writer/Director team Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman channel the spirit of early Edgar Wright and Taika Waititi films in this endearing comedy about a failed ghosthunting medium turned driving school instructor. The Cornetto Trilogy by Edgar Wright is one of

REVIEW: THE INVISIBLE MAN is a compelling and modern take on the classic Universal Monster story.

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Writer/director Leigh Whannell provides a grounded take on the classic movie monster by juxtapozing it against the framework of a controlling & abusive relationship. Leigh Whannell may be most well-known as the co-creator of the juggernaut Saw horror franchise in

REVIEW: ALTERED CARBON Season 2 serves as an extended epilogue to Season 1, but offers little for new viewers

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If you enjoyed Season 1 of Netflix’s Altered Carbon, Season 2 serves as an extended coda for the final episode but offers little by way of the world-building & character studies of Season 2. I’ll be the first to say

REVIEW: JESSICA FOREVER sets up a cool premise, but largely delivers style over narrative substance.

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Writer/directors Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel deliver a stylish looking science fiction film, but with little narrative focus to justify the visuals. Jessica Forever, a French genre science fiction picture debuting as an exclusive on Shudder this month, promised an

REVIEW: THE LODGE slyly plays with the idea of victim vs. predator in a film with an intriguing & compelling premise

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Directors Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz (Goodnight Mommy) deliver a unique set-up in a film that is anchored by Riley Keough’s strong lead performance. The past several years have shown contemporary filmgoers a modern renaissance in the horror arena. From