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Francis Ford Coppola’s restoration and re-edit of THE GODFATHER 3 yields a much better movie and a definitive epilogue for the effort on par with Coppola’s Apocalypse Now Redux. Francis Ford Coppola’s THE GODFATHER is unabashedly one of my favorite

BLU-RAY REVIEW: Roninflix delivers a great treat for Halloween with HAUNT Blu-Ray release.

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Roninflix’s regular and deluxe releases of the 2019 extreme haunted house slasher film deliver a great package for hardcore fans of the cult favorite, as well as a great regular release to match. I was a big fan of Scott

BLU-RAY REVIEW: Us (2019) Blu-Ray Release from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (2019)

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A film with great ideas and a flawed execution; Jordan Peele’s Us hits Blu-Ray with a plethora of special features that really open up the ideas involved in the execution and fundamental themes in the film. Going into 2019, one

FILM REVIEW: LIFE LIKE subverts expectations and delivers human drama about the nature of one’s insecurities.

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While initially appearing to be a film in the mold of Ex Machina that teases the fine line between humanity and A.I., Life Like instead delivers a look at the void of ennui in modern life. When I first started

Review: Perfect (1985) Blu Ray Release from Mill Creek (2016)

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Oh boy, I certainly do have flashbacks in regard to 1985’s Perfect starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis. Firstly, John Travolta is playing a character whose name is “Adam”. Secondly, it’s the first movie that Rolling Stone magazine would

Review: Hardbodies (1984) Blu Ray Release from Mill Creek (2016)

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Hardbodies is the movie from my youth that was completely taboo. It was the type of movie that my dad you rent while I was still looking around the store for my selection. I remember this movie seeping in controversy

Review: Private Resort (1985) Blu Ray Release from Mill Creek (2016)

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Beginning in 1987 there was a TV show you probably haven’t heard of called “21 Jump Street”. It stars a ‘where is he now’-actor Johnny Depp. Before Mr. Depp’s role as a baby-face undercover cop infiltrating the mean-street halls of

Review: Party of Five: The Complete Series on DVD Release from Mill Creek Entertainment (2016)

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As a remembrance of an earlier time period, and a dramatic recreation of coming of age, Party of Five is definitely worth revisiting in a new complete collection on DVD from Mill Creek. Read the review below!

Review: Behind Convent Walls (1978) DVD Release from Cult Epics (2010)

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“My wounds are but the pale reflection of the wounds Christ received on the cross.” We recently reviewed the 1974 nunsploitation film School of the Holy Beast from Toei and director Norifuke Suzuki here on Cult Following, which was released

Review: Car Cemetery (1982) DVD Release from Cult Epics (2010)

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Imagine for a minute that there was a post-apocalyptic sci-fi meets punk rock version of the story of the Passion of Christ made in the 80’s as told by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s soul brother in the vein of Santa Sangre? Imagine

Review: Luther The Geek (1990) Blu Ray Release from Vinegar Syndrome (2009)

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“Alright Chicken-Man, Colonel Sanders wants to fry your ass!” Before the label “geek” became synonymous with comic book movies, Funko! Pop Vinyl collecting, and TV fandom conventions, its original meaning was derived from the circus sideshow freaks of yesteryear. These

Review: Pieces (1982) Blu Ray Release from Grindhouse Releasing (2016)

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“You Don’t Have to Go to Texas for a Chainsaw Massacre!” When I was a burgeoning teenage horror fan, there were certain films which held a certain fixation because of their lurid box art and reputation. Movies like Faces of

Review: School of The Holy Beast (1974) DVD Release from Cult Epics (2010)

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Our recent review of The Witch (2016), touched on how it is an unconventional horror film in the realm of Rosemary’s Baby, Carrie & Suspiria; films where social constructs force the female protagonist out towards the fringe & ultimately towards