PODCAST: POWDER HEADS (1980) – View & Spew Review feat. special co-host Catherine Mary Stewart


In this very special episode, we are joined by cult film legend Catherine Mary Stewart to discuss her 2nd film: ‘Powder Heads’ (1980). This low-budget ski-comedy from Canada comes with multiple warnings of South American drugs and loose women, and while it features little of either- it is jam-packed with extended prog-rock downhill skiing music videos, a Canuck vomiting into a police car, a party church bus and an ending no one saw coming. Join us and CMS herself to reckon with this little talked-about obscurity. It’s a semi-religious experience. Recorded at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Tempe Arizona.

Every episode of the ‘View & Spew Review’ Adam Rutkowski, Joshua T. Ruth, and Shawn McLoughlin get together to watch an obscure film none of them have seen then discuss it immediately after.

Join us as we share our raw reactions and see clips from hard-to-find trash and treasures.