PODCAST: Cult Following #96 – THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999)


Cult Following returns after a year-long hiatus with hosts Victor Moreno and Jasparino coming back to talk about some of their favorite cult movies and news and updates in the world of film and film ephemera! On Episode #96, the two chat about collecting action figures, film memorabilia and blu rays on a budget, clowns in horror film, McFarlane Toys taking over the DC toy license. Plus, they discuss SUSPIRIA (1977), SUSPIRIA (2018), TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, SEQUENCE BREAK, IT, LUZ, DON’T F*CK WITH CATS, and more before going and doing a deep dive on found footage horror with THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and discussing other found-footage horror films like THE LAST BROADCAST, CANNIBAL FEROX, and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST! Check out the latest from the Cult Following Podcast Network!