NEWS: The new Matt Reeves THE BATMAN Bat-Suit: Looking at The Design Inspiration


Earlier this afternoon, THE BATMAN director Matt Reeves tweeted out a camera test featuring Robert Pattinson trying out the new Bat-suit for Reeves’ film. It has a lot of unique qualities and is a stark departure from the somewhat comic accurate Batman suit Ben Affleck wore in the DCEU Zach Snyder films. Here are the video and some stills:

The Batman – Camera Test from Matt Reeves on Vimeo.

The first striking thing here is the segmented armor. It’s plated and moves independently of Batman – the shoulder pads are attached to Batman’s undersuit and the armor, not unlike the shoulder pads on the Batman Arkham Origins costume:


While Pattinson is lean, the padding will definitely bulk him out a bit to take some bumps as Batman. This might be a proto suit that will evolve in future films, so using the Origins suit makes sense as that is also a proto suit in many ways.

That being said, the chest plates, seem very reminiscent of the Batman Arkham Knight Bat-suit:


Like the Origins suit, the traps and neck are part of the suit architecture, but the plating on the chest matches up well with the movie suit here. The Bat symbol is more abstract on the Pattinson suit, but serves a similar function in being an anchor for the chest piece, while it also looks like the “Bat” symbol on Pattinson’s suit looks like a functional weapon like these may be Batarang storage clips for example.

The leathery mask and pop collar seem to derive inspiration primarily from writer/artist Sean Murphy’s White Knight Batman, where the built-up collar is the main innovation introduced:


Alternatively, the classic Mike Mignola Gotham by Gaslight Batman could be an inspiration for the leather cowl


It’s an interesting take and I look forward to more pictures and video, but at least it is fairly straight forward to trace its comic inspirations. What do you think?