Review: The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)



Another fun entry into the growing Lego Universe, this time with ninjas teaching our would-be hero life lessons.

Ever since the sucess of the LEGO Movie, we’ve started seeing LEGO branch out with a universe of films base don its properties and storylines. From the Lego Batman Movie to now the latest installment based on their popular Ninjago line. The Lego Ninjago Movie is fun for the family and gives you more of the Lego characters you love on screen.

Meet Lloyd, pronounced Luh-Loyd, an angsty teenage lego kid trying to live a regular life of a outcast high school student. Most of the town hates him because his father, Garmadon, regularly pillages the volcano side town of Ninjago with his shark related weaponry. Lloyd battles his father using his secret identity the Green Ninja, with his friends a secret Ninja squad including Lightning Ninja, Water Ninja, Earth Ninja, and Fire Ninja. Master Wu (Jackie Chan) is an adorable play on the trope of the wise kung fu master helping lead the team of teenage ninjas with elemental powers and hella-cool mech monsters defeat the evil constantly threatening the town. Garmadon and Lloyd must reconcile their broken relationship and save the town from the ULTIMATE WEAPON.

The latest installment in the Lego universe brings stunning animations and a fun storyline with the signature creativity that we have come to love in the series. The movie plays on well known tropes from kung fu movies and Power Rangers. The movie is not quite as deep as The Lego Movie, but will be enjoyed by families and lovers of internet memes. Most importantly, Ninjago brings us the best use of the Wilhelm Scream on the big screen since The Empire Strikes Back.