NEWS: SDCC 2020 #ComicConAtHome Movie Action Figure Reveals for 7/23 & 7/24


Hi guys, Usually this is the happiest time of the year for movie and pop culture geeks as San Diego Comic-Con is typically in full-swing. However, we’re living in the time of Covid-19 and with a worldwide pandemic, we can’t enjoy the scurry of worldwide reveals in real-time. However, at Cult Following, our focus is on movies, so here’s a breakdown of all the movie action figure news from the last 2 days and I’m sure there’s more to come, so here’s a quick breakdown:

– NECA tends to have a preponderance of film-related licenses. This year, we got a glimpse of most of their fall releases for TMNT, horror, and miscellaneous films. Here’s a break down of those:

– NECA’s big reveal in their BTTF line is the Ultimate 1955 Doc Brown, with a spot on Doc Brown likeness from Christopher Lloyd. There’s also the Tales from Space Marty McFly, which I was surprised they didnt use the cover of George McFly’s book from the 1985 film as the box art. Ultimate 1985 Marty McFly gets the iconic poster as its box art. Check out the photos below:

Pre-order the BTTF Figures HERE

– NECA continued its reveal of anniversary figures and teases for the future. A tease of a human Oroku Saki and Hamato Yoshi figure 2 pack with a mouse Splinter in a cage. A 2 figure Foot Clan 2 pack for the Fall, which will be available at Walmart. Super Shredder was also revealed in the package with a TMNT 2 poster art for the box. Plus, there was another new shot of their Tokka and Razar mutant 2 pack, which will also be available at Walmart. All of these are for fall. No preorder links yet, check out photos below:

– NECA revealed the box art for their Shudder Creepshow The Creep Ultimate Figure out in fall. They also revealed a new Ultimate Ghostface from Scream with 4 alternate mask heads and a full soft goods robe (previous Ghostfaces have had a half cloth/half plastic robe or a full plastic robe). The big reveal for the show is a Friday The 13th Pt. 7 The New Blood Jason, the first new Jason figure in over a year, and the first Kane Hodder Ultimate Jason figure. Check out photos below:

– Hasbro is doing a variety of retro X-Men Film throwbacks for the fall, Deadpool 2, X-Men Franchise films and Wolverine. The big reveal this week being a Logan 2-pack featuring Jackman’s aged Logan and Patrick Stewart’s deranged version of Professor X. These will be Hasbro Pulse website exclusives. Check out photos below:

DC MULTIVERSE – McFarlane Toys

– Tempe, AZ based McFarlane Toys has the DC license and announced a variety of figures on 7/24. The bulk of the announcements revolved around the Batman: Dark Knights line and releases for fall. They announced a new line of Arkham Knight figures, based on the 2015 video game, with Arkham Knight Batman and Deathstroke the Terminator. These both look great and follow the game model closely.They announced Batman The Merciless as a build a figure, with Crow Robin (an army builder with 3 head variations), The Batman Who Laughs, Infected Superman Who Laughs, and Rebirth Batman. This whole wave is strong and I will likely pick all of it up. They announced a New 52 Flash vs Red Death Flash 2 pack as an Amazon Exclusive. There’s also another wave with an alternate head New 52 Flash, a repaint of Nightwing, Red Hood, Teen Titans Go! Cyborg and Curse of the White Knight Joker and Batman-Armor Azreal. The final reveal of the day was Flashpoint Thomas Wayne Batman, which also looked great. A great showing for McFarlane.

DST is doing some more ultra articulated 7-inch figures. DST does all the Marvel Select 7 inch figures, as well as misc licensees like John Wick and Bruce Lee. These both look great. The Crow’s likeness is a bit soft but still matches up well with Brandon Lee and JackSparrow looks awesome. These are also coming out in fall:

Pre-Order these figures HERE

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more reveals this weekend.