NEWS: Check out all the Theater Pre-Order Bonuses & Exclusive Merch for BIRDS OF PREY


DC and Warner Brothers’ latest entry into its DC Extended Universe of cinematic interpretations of DC Comics’ characters, BIRDS OF PREY (AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION ON ONE HARLEY QUINN), hits theaters next Friday, February 7, 2020. As many of the years’ most anticipated releases get some pre-order bonuses depending on which theater you order tickets to see at, we’re breaking down the bonuses and exclusives per local theater chain here in Arizona, which should cover most national chains as well. So let’s get started:


If you order tickets to see this film at an IMAX theater, or IMAX Digital theater at AMC, you will get this exclusive poster. They’re usually something around 14 x 18 to 16 x 20 inches in size. Check out the image below. Usually, IMAX posters are opening night only.


AMC Theaters / MacGuffin Bar

Many AMC Dine-In Theaters have a MacGuffin Bar. Most will have a special BOP cocktail menu consisting of the 2 drinks pictured below. It appears that the drinks will include Harley’s Mallet swizzles as a takeaway.


AMC Theaters / Dolby Cinema

If you see the film at AMC Dolby, you can get this comic styled poster


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

At Texas and most franchise locations, there will be an issue of BMD themed to Birds of Prey you can order with your ticket. None of the 3 Arizona Alamo locations will be offering this bundle or the magazine.

Flix Brewhouse

As far as we can find, there are also no exclusives at Flix

Harkins Theaters

No specific pre-order bonuses or merch for Birds of Prey, their new 2020 Loyalty Cup does have a Harley Emoji on it.


Cinemark will have an exclusive Harley Quinn popcorn bucket shaped like her mallet as well as a drink cup with a mallet/hammer keychain swizzle. They will also have miscellaneous Harley merchandise like dog tags, Funko Pops, etc available.



CONSENSUS: If you’re looking for collectibles that will hold up, the IMAX poster would be the way to go if you like the design. Similarly, the Popcorn Mallet and Mallet Swizzles are also cool, so your mileage may vary. The best deal would be to see the film on IMAX Digital at AMC since you’d get the most swag. Let us know which way you go!