Cult Following Episode #25 – Revenge Films and Brian Pulido

Cult Following reaches a milestone 25th episode and our one year anniversary in this latest podcast! To celebrate, we welcome a special in-studio guest host, Brian Pulido! Brian is a celebrated comic creator, well-known for his creation Lady Death and director of the 2008 Afterdark Horrorfest 8 Films to Die For selection, The Graves!

Brian comes on to discuss his latest creator owned horror comic La Muerta and its connection to revenge films like The Crow and Death Wish, as well as to Narco Cultura. We talk about his experiences working for Def Jam in the 1980’s, his experiences directing and working on horror films and the origin of his signature character Lady Death. We also discuss the state of film production in Arizona, the state of current film exhibition, the origins of the International Horror & Sci Fi Film Festival which Brian co-founded here in Arizona and its connection to the Phoenix Film Festival, plus we talk about the comic convention experience and Tucson Comicon, which Brian now has a connection to which we will explain.

We also talk about a lot of recent releases including Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle and season 2 of the Leftovers on HBO as well as some recent theatrical releases like The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2, Amnesiac, Absolutely Everything, I Am Thor and Entertainment and much much more!

Check out La Muerta and Brian’s other projects at