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VIDEO: Scream (2022) Movie Review

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Victor Moreno of Cult Following just watched the new SCREAM movie. Check out his first thoughts and social reaction in this non-spoiler overview.

VIDEO: WEREWOLVES WITHIN (2021) IFC Films Blu Ray Review

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Victor reviews the new Blu releases of WEREWOLVES WITHIN from IFC Films. #werewolveswithin

VIDEO: We Watched SWAN SONG (2021) Film Review

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Victor reviews the new Mahershala Ali clone drama Swan Song. Check out his thoughts below!

VIDEO: We Watched NIGHTMARE ALLEY (2021) | Film Review

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Victor reviews the new neo crime noir from Guillermo Del Toro #NightmareAlley – check out his thoughts here.

VIDEO: We Watched SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME | Marvel MCU Sony Film Review

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Victor from Cult Classics reviews SPIDER-MAN NO WAY HOME #spidermannowayhome Check out his thoughts here.

VIDEO: We Watched The French Dispatch (2021) | Wes Anderson Movie Review

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We Watched Wes Anderson’s latest, THE FRENCH DISPATCH. Check out Victor’s thoughts on this new anthology film. Check out more reviews on our channels at​​​​​​ Follow us on Instagram at and Follow us on Twitter at​

VIDEO: We Watched ETERNALS (2021) & It’s Disappointing | Marvel MCU Film Review

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Victor just watched ETERNALS and it has some definite issues. We’re spoiler-free as we talk about why this movie fails to hit the mark in many areas and how it stacks up to other MCU films #eternals #eternalsmovie #mcu #chloezhao

VIDEO: We Watched ANTLERS (2021) and It’s Amazing | Scott Cooper Guillermo Del Toro Horror Movie Review

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Victor reviews the new Scott Cooper horror film ANTLERS and says its one of the best films of 2021. Check out his review! Check out more reviews on our channels at​​ Follow us on Instagram at​​ and…

VIDEO: Dune (2021) Movie Review | Best Format for Viewing

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Victor reviews Dune and tells you the best format to watch it in after seeing it in Dolby Atmos, IMAX, and Large Screen Format, and HBO MAX Check out more reviews on our channels at​​​​​​ Follow us on Instagram

VIDEO: We Watched LAST NIGHT IN SOHO (2021) & It’s Awesome

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Victor just watched Edgar Wright’s #lastnightinsoho and loved it’s retro vibe that channels Suspiria, The Craft and The Sixth Sense. Check out Victor’s thoughts here! Check out more reviews on our channels at​​ Follow us on Instagram at​​

VIDEO: HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021) Movie Review – Why This Horror Film Sequel Doesn’t Work

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We review Halloween Kills and this movie definitely has issues. Victor from Cult Classics breaks down why it doesn’t work for him and you’ll probably agree with him by the end of this review. What do you think? #halloweenkills #michaelmyers

VIDEO: We Watched LAMB (2021) – NEON Dark Fantasy/Horror Film

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Victor from Cult Following watched the new Neon 2021 horror/fantasy film Lamb. Check out his thoughts! WATCH MOVIE HERE: #lamb #lambmovie #beyondfest #beyondfest2021 Check out more reviews on our channels at​​​​​ Follow us on Instagram at and

VIDEO: NO TIME TO DIE (2021) – Movie Review

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Victor checks out the latest installment in the James Bond film series. Does it hold up? WATCH VIDEO HERE: #notimetodie #007film #bondmovie Check out more reviews on our channels at​​​​​ Follow us on Instagram at and

NEWS: PLEASURE, Adult Film Industry Film Drama, Dropped by A24, Acquired by NEON

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Pleasure, directed by Ninja Thalberg, chronicling the life of a Swedish girl, Bella Cherry, who comes to LA to start a life in the porn industry, was originally purchased by indie powerhouse A24 out of Sundance 2021. A24 originally planned

VIDEO: We Visited Velorio Coffee in Phoenix AZ | Cholo Goth Coffee House from Melissa & Dave Parley from Prayers

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We went to the grand opening of Velorio, a new coffee house in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona owned by Dave & Melissa Parley ( Prayers / Melador ). It’s a pretty unique space, a cozy coffee place that’s themed out to

VIDEO: Venom Let There Be Carnage (2021) First Thoughts & Movie Reaction

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I just watched Venom Let There Be Carnage! Check out my first initial thoughts and social reaction right after watching it! There IS a mid-credit scene that is crucially important to the future of the Venom franchise and possibly the

VIDEO: Dune (2021) | First Reaction & Movie Review

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Hot off its debut at the Venice Film Festival, Victor gives his first thoughts and impressions on the transcendent science fiction fantasy #Dune from director Denis Villeneuve. #DuneMovie hits theaters and HBO Max on October 22, 2021 Check out more

VIDEO: The Lost Leonardo (2021) Film Review & Reaction | Art World Leonardo Da Vinci Documentary

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Victor reviews the new documentary The Lost Leonardo which deals with the controversy regarding Salvator Mundi, the painting of Jesus Christ purchased by Crown Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia for 450 million dollars Check out more reviews on our channels

VIDEO: Marvel’s Eternals Final Trailer Reaction Video

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Victor reacts to the final Eternals trailer in this video. Does it look awesome, or is it another take on Marvel’s Inhumans TV show? Find out in this video. #eternals #marvelseternals #trailerreaction #reactionvideo

VIDEO: The Night House (2021) Film Review & Reaction

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night house

Victor reviews The Night House, the new horror thriller from director David Bruckner starring Rebecca Hall. Director David Bruckner’s latest casts Rebecca Hall as a widow dealing with the sudden loss of her husband amidst a crisis of existential dread