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Cult Following presents our Favorite Thanksgiving Movies & TV Specials

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Gobble Gobble! Cult Following presents our FAVORITE Thanksgiving movies & TV Specials Planes, Trains & Automobiles Naturally, number one favorite is Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Steve Martin is desparately trying to get home for Thanksgiving and runs into John Candy.

Review of The Loft’s All Nite Scream-O-Rama! 2015 Edition

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All Nite Scream-O-Rama 04/10/2015 Tucson Being my third All Nite Scream-O-Rama, there was some hefty competition with previous entries containing bona fide classic (prints of Phantasm, Nightmare on Elm Street, Creepshow) while also discovering new favorites like the Manitou

Ten More Soundtracks from Jason Patrick Woodbury

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Ten More Soundtracks from Jason Patrick Woodbury Though we covered plenty of ground during our lengthy talk about film scores and soundtracks – some might even allege we covered too much ground — there remain a few selections I meant