TRAILERS: Check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming horror film DANIEL ISN’T REAL


When we went to San Diego Comic-Con this past July, one of the main panels we were excited to check out was the annual Bold Voice of Contemporary Horror panel, giving us attendees some exciting sneak peeks into the world of upcoming indie horror films. One of the films to get a spotlight was DANIEL ISN’T REAL from Samuel Goldwyn Films/Shudder/Spectrevision. The film’s director Adam Egypt Mortimer was there to chat up the film and the distinct vibe we got as attendees was Donnie Darko by way of Mandy. Samuel Goldwyn Films has added the trailer we saw that day online and we invite you to check it out below. DANIEL ISN’T REAL should be making its way out to you this coming December. Check out the synopsis below!

Troubled college freshman Luke (Miles Robbins) suffers a violent family trauma and resurrects his childhood imaginary friend Daniel (Patrick Schwarzenegger) to help him cope. Charismatic and full of manic energy, Daniel helps Luke to achieve his dreams, before pushing him to the very edge of sanity and into a desperate struggle for control of his mind — and his soul.