TRAILERS: Check out the Final Trailers for each episode of Black Mirror Season 5!


We’re really excited that Black Mirror is on its way back to our Netflix screens. As much as many loved Bandersnatch, it did seem more like a choose your own adventure game than an actual episode. Now we’ve got the final 3 trailers for Season 5’s truncated season, but they all look very fascinating. Check them out below and let us know what you think:

This episode, Smithereens, looks like Black Mirror’s take on Scorsese’s Taxi Driver in a post-Uber/Lyft world.

The second of three trailers is for Striking Vipers, which looks to be a take on emotional affairs, utilizing the weird chip from “The Entire History of You” episode. Starring Avengers’ Anthony Mackie.

Finally, we have “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” featuring Miley Cyrus. This looks to be a spin on the mental clone technology introduced in the Black Mirror Christmas Special by way of an Alexa-like device imprinted with the neuro-clone of a celebrity going through an emotional breakdown.

Season Five of Black Mirror hits Netflix on June 5th.