TRAILER: Get sucked into a SATANIC PANIC with the first trailer for this anticipated horror film!


We’re big fans of Chelsea Stardust here at the Cult HQ. Her entry into Blumhouse’s Into the Dark series, All That We Destroy, about a mother who clones copies of her son’s first murder victim to tame his impulses is by far the best entry in the series. We’re pretty excited to check out her feature debut, Satanic Panic, featuring a pizza delivery girl who is the target of a self-empowerment themed satanic coven led by Rebecca Romijn. Check out the trailer below. The film hits theaters and VOP on September 6th from RLJ Films, the people who brought us Mandy last year. It does seem to have some similarities to last year’s Slice and a little bit of The Babysitter, but we’re excited to see it.