NINJA BUSTERS and TRAILER TRAUMA bust out from niche screenings courtesy of new boutique release from Garagehouse Pictures


The folks at Cult Following are always a sucker for a grass roots success story – especially one involving a longtime film programmer going the route of film distributor to share one of those amazing WTF discoveries they’ve screened for a crowd of 40 to a bigger audience worldwide. It speaks to us as film lovers and programmers. A great example of this is longtime Exhumed Films programmer Harry Guerro, who has programmed some great events for the Alamo Drafthouse in New York (24 Hour Horrorthons and presentations of films like Starcrash, Jungle Holocaust and Troll 2).

Guerro is now taking a couple of the films he’s discovered and loved and distributing them under the banner of Garagehouse Pictures. Check out some info on their first 2 releases, NINJA BUSTERS and TRAILER TRAUMA. NINJA BUSTERS is a crazy 1984 kung fu comedy that looks like it’d pair up well with something like MIAMI CONNECTION for a night of martial arts madness and TRAILER TRAUMA is one of the freshest looking trailer compilations we’ve seen in a long while. Check out the press release for these 2 debut features and cover art after the jump!

For nearly twenty years, film collector and Exhumed Films programmer Harry Guerro has helped introduce audiences to some of the rarest and weirdest cult movies in cinema history. Now, Guerro has created the specialty label Garagehouse Pictures to bring these forgotten films to viewers worldwide. Garagehouse Pictures will specialize in releasing previously unseen or obscure oddities on Blu-ray and DVD; the discs will be available exclusively through Diabolik DVD, the premier online source for horror and cult cinema from around the globe.
Garagehouse’s first title is the wacky kung fu comedy NINJA BUSTERS: filmed in 1984 but unreleased theatrically or on home video/DVD, this was a lost movie, never screened for audiences and doomed to obscurity—until now! NINJA BUSTERS tells the tale of two goofball slackers who get mixed up with illegal arms dealers and their army of trained ninja assassins. It’s up to our hapless heroes to learn kung fu and contend with sleazy gangsters, ruthless ninjas, underwear-throwing bikers, militant revolutionaries, and bitchin’ breakdancers. A charming, bizarre bit of outsider movie making, NINJA BUSTERS was the breakout hit of the annual Exhumed Films “eX-Fest” exploitation marathon in 2015 and is a film that Birth.Movies.Death says “you need, need, need to see.” The Blu-ray of this newfound fan favorite is now available at View the trailer on YouTube at:

“Quite a remarkable bolt out of the gate for new label Garagehouse Pictures and a surefire candidate for one of the year’s top cult releases.” – Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

Specs for NINJA BUSTERS are as follows:

Feature Specifications:

-Transferred & Digitally Mastered in 4K from the only existing Fine Grain Answer Print

-Sound Digitally Remastered from the Original Optical Soundtrack

-Fully Restored & Presented in the Original Panavision 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio

-All Regions


-Audio Commentary with Director Paul Kyriazi

-Introduction by the Director

-THE TOURNAMENT (49 mins.), Paul Kyriazi’s First Feature

-Fan Testimonials

-Liner Notes by Dan Fraga of Exhumed Films

-Poster Card

-Featuring all new artwork by Stephen Romano

1984 / 90 mins. / Color / English

In early January, Garagehouse will release its second disc, the movie preview compilation TRAILER TRAUMA. Unlike other collections which often recycled the same old previews for the same old genre titles, TRAILER TRAUMA features rare theatrical trailers that have not been previously released on DVD. See over two hours of previously unavailable trailers for some of the most ridiculous films in history: thrill to the action of BLACK FIST, IRON MASTER, and KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! Quiver in horror as you face the DAWN OF THE MUMMY, the REVENGE OF THE LIVING ZOMBIES, and the INCREDIBLE TORTURE SHOW! Scratch your head at the utter absurdity of DEATH BED, MUTANT WAR, and NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER! For fans and connoisseurs of psychotronic cinema, TRAILER TRAUMA is an essential addition to any collection. Available for pre-order now from

“A stunning collection of rare coming attractions. One of the best trailer compilations ever!”
– Chris Poggiali, Temple of Schlock

Specs for TRAILER TRAUMA are as follows:

-Transferred & Digitally Mastered in 4K from various 35mm release prints

-Sound Digitally Remastered from the Original Optical Soundtrack

-All trailers are presented in their Original Aspect Ratios

-All Regions

-Featuring Original Front/Reverse Cover and Disc Art by Stephen Romano

-Music by Ian Zapczynski

2015 / 137 mins. / Color