Cult Following’s Favorite New Year’s Eve Movies for New Year’s Eve 2016


We’re celebrating the end of 2015 by recommending a few fabulous New Year movies. My criteria required that New Years was PIVOTAL to the movie, not a scene on New Year’s.

1. The Hudsucker Proxy

You know, for kids! Despite it’s terrible internet ratings, I find this movie charming and funny. Hudsucker Proxy is a witty 50’s period piece by the Coen Bro’s & Sam Raimi. Tim Robbins is a naive businessman thrust into the highest role in a major company after the former CEO jumps out of a window. The Board thinks he’s an imbecile to play the stock market. Enter Jennifer Jason Leigh as Ms. Archer, a fast talking journalist undercover to expose him as a fraud. Surprise, he’s not an idiot and invents the hula hoop then suffers a dark fall crafted by villain Paul Neuman. Vibrant cast including brief views of Raimi favorite Bruce Campbell and Coen favorite Buscemi as a beatnik. The characters are strong and committed. The set design, costumes and language set the flawless 1958 tone. The story includes classic Coen battle between ultimate good versus ultimate evil. Quotes that you’ll hear me say IRL: It’s what your beatnik friends call kar-MAH and “they dock you!”. Bonus: Martini’s are for squares, man.

2. 200 Cigarettes

It’s the 80’s and it’s New Years on the Lower East Side. 200 Cigarettes is a solid 90’s ensemble movie brought to you by MTV! The cast is 90’s-tastic including Paul Rudd, Courtney Love, Janeane Garofalo, several Affleck’s, Dave Chapelle, Elvis Costello and MORE. We chase these fabulous people through NYC and revel in their 20 something drama while madly searching for the Perfect New Year. I always walk away with an urge to smoke. Of note: Paul Rudd has not aged since this movie, 15 years ago. Favorite Quote: Did you know that cigarettes are a shield against meaningful interaction with people? AND — If you remember anything that I tell you, remember this: James Brown is the baddest motherfucker in show business.

3. Strange Days

The future is 1999 and there is a technology that will capture a memory or experience and allow those feelings to be relived by someone else. Ralph Finnes is an ex-cop dealing these on the black market when he unwittingly uncovers a murder and winds up uncovering ugly police conspiracies. This is a high drama and engaging SciFi action movie. The cast is strong, especially Angela Bassett in one of her greatest roles. (Her greatest role is arguable depending on your love of ‘chick movies’.) This movie accurately captures the tone of the impending millennium and political fears. Quote: Cheer up. The world’s about to end in ten minutes anyway.

4. Godfather II

Fredo, you broke my heart. I knew if was you. You know the rest.

Happy New Years! May your 2016 be better than your 2015!