Cult Following evolved from the people who produce the Cult Classics AZ film events in the Metro Phoenix Arizona area and the genre events at Alamo Drafthouse Phoenix. We’re a big group of film lovers and we review our favorite films and write about films and film and pop culture here on Cult Following. Our current writing staff includes Victor Moreno, Kirby Nelson, Joshua T. Ruth, Ruby Tate, Adam Rutkowski, and Ann Rutkowski.

Victor is also a member of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and occasionally contributes to their website with articles at https://phoenixfilmcriticssociety.org/.

We are also a film and pop-culture podcast network and currently produce several podcasts on our network; our flagship show Cult Following discussing all aspects of film culture and recent releases, Cult Following Xtra – which is when the whole crew can’t get together, and Cinema Fantastico, consisting of the limited series Beards on Breen, and the ongoing View & Spew Review, which look at films and nostalgia. We also have a horror-movie themed podcast called Horror/Cult, looking at horror culture and genre films.

We are also a YouTube partner and upload lots of pop culture/film/collectibles-themed content on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/cultclassics. We chronicle our trips to pop culture events, reviews, and much more to our followers. We invite you to subscribe!


We are always interested in receiving screeners/review samples/review links for consideration for coverage. We have a broad reach, with our main Facebook page having over 17,000 followers. We have 4 large Facebook groups themed to our content with a combined reach of 12,000. Our 2 main Instagram channels have a reach of over 5,000, with a Twitter reach of over 5,000. If you would like to email us links regarding coverage, please contact us at press@cultclassicsaz.com.

You can also e-mail us screeners/review samples for press consideration to our PO Box at

PO Box 1328
Tempe, AZ 85280

Sending samples/links isn’t a guarantee of coverage, but we will try our hardest to fit it in if it meets our brand’s focus.


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Cult Following is brought to you from the crew that produces the monthly Cult Classics screening in Tempe, AZ. Our core podcasters are Adam Rutkowski, Joshua T. Ruth, Victor Moreno and Kirby Nelson who are lifelong movie fans and each bring their own unique perspective on various topics having to due with film, pop culture, music and much more. Join us at Cult Following for our takes on the film world online!



Adam Rutkowski, of Cult Following and Cult Classics, has recruited a couple of his most favorite Arizona die-hard Star Wars fans: Joshua Ruth and Mark Doebler to discuss Star Wars and Star Wars fandom on the Cinema Fantastico podcast.