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Halloween (2018) – Review

Halloween (2018) Directed by David Gordon Green www.halloweenmovie.com In the 40 years since “Halloween” debuted, the one-time highest R rated and independent film champion has birthed an empire of murder, merchandise and made Michael Myers a household name know far and wide beyond the leaf soaked streets of Haddonfield. Envisioned as an Autumn anthology tradition, […]

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The Bye Bye Man – Review (2016)

The Bye Bye Man Directed by Stacy Title https://www.facebook.com/thebyebyeman/ 2016 in cinema began for me with a venture into “The Forest”, a tale of terror set in the suicide addled sea of trees that is Aokigahara, which was such an awful viewing experience I wanted to kill myself. A new year, a new fear and […]

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