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Halloween (2018) – Review

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Halloween (2018) Directed by David Gordon Green www.halloweenmovie.com In the 40 years since “Halloween” debuted, the one-time highest R rated and independent film champion has birthed an empire of murder, merchandise and made Michael Myers a household name know far

Review: ‘It’ (2017) – Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes

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The newest adaptation of Stephen King’s seminal 1986 novel ‘It’ is a remarkable achievement. This film never forgets what makes this story special: the loveable losers at its center. It is joyful and laugh-out-loud funny and never becomes too dour. Set

Halloween and Horror Favorites – Cult Following Episode #23

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Boo, dude! This is our scary Halloween edition of Cult Following! Well, really we get down and dirty on what kind or lack thereof chemical stimulants as well as cannibals, cannibals, and more cannibals! Then you’ll find out what what