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COLLECTIBLES: Check out all the IT: CHAPTER 2 collectibles available from Alamo Drafthouse, IMAX, & Dolby for opening night!

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I think we’re all increasingly excited for the sequel to 2017’s IT hitting theaters on September 6th. Bill Skaarsgard’s Pennywise is the definitive movie monster of this past decade and like many filmgoers, we’re excited to see what collectible incentives

COLLECTIBLES: Check out the limited-edition Legion Season 3 Lunchbox from FX!

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It’s not a secret that the Cult Podcasting Network loves their collectibles. From laser discs to blu-ray box sets and collectible figures. Sometimes, we get some of these cool items from companies and shows that are looking for promotion. In

Cult Following explores the World of Collectibles on Cult Following Episode # 19

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This episode was recorded before Wes Craven’s passing. On behalf of Cult Following, Wes Craven has not only influenced an entire generation of filmmakers but also set the rules for every horror film to either follow or break. Long live