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FILM REVIEW: FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY wrestles with heart and determination in finding how far you’ll fight for your dream

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There’s a certain love affair that filmmakers have with the concept of pro-wrestling; this passion play of competition that shares much in common with the catharsis of Greek theater by way of the unending battles of principle found in a

FILM REVIEW: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is a rare sequel that improves on its original

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If you would’ve told me back in 2014 that one of the year’s best films would be a licensed animated cartoon based on LEGO construction block toys of most people’s youth, it would’ve been a hard sell. Licensed animated films

FILM REVIEW: VELVET BUZZSAW aims for style over substance in would-be art world satire meets horror mash-up

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There’s no question that writer/director Dan Gilroy has a gift for building suspense and crafting compelling characters. 2014’s Nightcrawler, a tale of a would-be camera-man selling videos of car crashes and mayhem to a struggling local news team, blurred the