The Ideal Theatrical Experience & How Do You Draw In Theater Goers? – Cult Following Episode #6


The latest episode of Cult Following from the minds that bring you Cult Classics AZ is now posted online! In this sixth episode, Adam, Kirby and Victor discuss & review some of the latest films in theaters and streaming on VOD, plus we then get into an in-depth discussion of what theater chains and exhibitors can do to create an ideal experience to create a community of fans that goes to theaters and supports exhibition. Some of the topics we touch on are:

  • Dine-In Theaters
  • Bars and Film
  • Rifftrax
  • Ironic film exhibitions (i.e. The Room)
  • Retro Film Exhibition
  • 35mm Film Exhibition
  • Recliners and seating
  • Mondo, film prints and promotional items

    It’s all in the newest extra long episode of Cult Following, check it out and let us know what you think!