PODCAST: View & Spew Review #7 – Sunset Grill (1993)


On this episode of View & Spew Review, we dive into the booze-soaked Los Angeles noir SUNSET GRILL (1993) starring a mustachioed and cowboy hat-sporting Peter Weller as a washed-up private detective hunting the people who killed his wife. This film features John Rhys-Davies as a badly-accented Irish corrupt INS agent, Lori Singer as a sultry femme fatale, Stacy Keach as a villainous industrialist, a young Danny Trejo in an alleyway fight and a mysterious plot involving organ harvesting. Peter Weller also breaks a lot of bottles and chases a car while screaming expletives.

Every episode of the ‘Cinema Fantastico: View & Spew Review’ Adam Rutkowski, Joshua T. Ruth and Shawn McLoughlin get together to watch an obscure film none of them have seen then discuss it immediately after.

Join us as we share our raw reactions and see clips from hard-to-find trash and treasures.