PODCAST: Beards On Breen #2 – I AM HERE…. NOW (2009) SPOILERCAST


Part 2 of 5 into the Breeniverse.

This Neil Breen film features a robotic zombie alien Jesus figure who crashes to Earth to exact vengeance on corrupt politicians, gang members and lawyers who are forcing eco-conscious single mothers to leave their jobs in sustainability to become strippers and escorts.

Join Adam Rutkowski and Joshua T. Ruth as we turn a serious critical eye on this riveting work in our ongoing limited series. Even if you haven’t seen the film, I’m guessing it would still be a fascinating listen.

Join Adam and Joshua and occasional guest hosts in this special Cult Following limited series exploring the film world of outsider auteur, environmentalist, and film genius Neil Breen as they watch each film in his oeuvre and share their thoughts weekly in Beards on Breen – a special Cult Following/Cinema Fantastico podcast series. Like Serial only with exploding laptops, alien amulets, conspiracies and the like which could only come from the mind of Neil Breen.