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The House That Jack Built “The Director’s Cut” (2018) Review

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The House That Jack Built (The Director’s Cut) Directed by Lars Von Trier When the first reviews out of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival are “audiences walked out in disgust,” that’s usually the cue to head on in. The

The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018) Review

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The Possession of Hannah Grace Directed by Diederik Van Rooijen “The Exorcist” is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year bearing the honorary title of “the scariest film ever made” and without a doubt could also be considered the most

Overlord (2018) Review

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Overlord Directed by Julius Avery The horrors of war are well known; they’ve been disseminated through top of the day news, harrowing firsthand accounts, battlefield reenactments and demonstrating the immense power of the medium, in the moving pictures and

Suspiria 2018 (Review)

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Suspiria (2018) Directed by Luca Guadgnino Italian horror cinema in the twentieth century is long, storied and highly influential; besides issuing many benchmark films (including arguably the first slasher, “Twitch of the Death Nerve”) The Boot even birthed their

Halloween (2018) – Review

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Halloween (2018) Directed by David Gordon Green In the 40 years since “Halloween” debuted, the one-time highest R rated and independent film champion has birthed an empire of murder, merchandise and made Michael Myers a household name know far

Mandy & The Rebirth of Nicholas Cage – Sisters Brothers, Predator – Cult Following #89

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In this episode of Cult Following, the gang does a deep dive on Panos Cosmatos’ latest film Mandy and what does it mean for Nicholas Cage’s career as an actor? Is this a rebirth or a Wicker Man like derail?

2018 Fall Movie Preview + The Nun, Summer of 84 & Peppermint Review – Cult Following #88

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In this episode of Cult Following, the crew looks at the Fall’s upcoming films and what we’re excited about — from Halloween to The Crimes of Grindewold, we chat about what we’re looking forward to. Plus, we review The Nun,

REVIEW: ‘The Sisters Brothers’ is a Western Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen

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The first English-language film from French director Jacques Audiard, ‘The Sisters Brothers’ is a unique deconstructionist western that satisfyingly defies category. While its varying tone may be jarring to some viewers, the compelling story, fleshed-out characters and attention to detail

Review: ASSASSINATION NATION (2018) Style over substance derails an interesting & timely premise.

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Director Sam Levinson’s ASSASSINATION NATION is a muddled genre mishmash that works best when being a timely version of Heathers, but loses steam when trying to be a Purge-influenced parable for the modern age.

REVIEW: ‘White Boy Rick’ is Stirring and Heartfelt but lacks Authenticity and edge

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‘White Boy Rick’ is a coming of age story that aims high but falls short of a being full-fledged gangster epic. It is ultimately unsatisfying but for everything it lacks in cohesive morality, it mostly makes up for in the

The Nun (2018) Review

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The Nun Directed by Corin Hardy Fifteen years ago, James Wan launched the most successful horror franchise of all time with the “Saw” series of eight entries and more than a billion dollars in box office receipts. While he

The Happytime Murders Review (2018)

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  The Happytime Murders Directed by Brian Henson Preceding the premiere of this year’s funniest feature to date (that’s Deadpool 2 in case you weren’t aware) was a red-band trailer for this puppets in peril picture from Brian Henson