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FILM REVIEW: TERRIFIER 2 is a bloated treat for lovers of gore-soaked low-budget slasher fare

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Damien Leone’s follow-up to the 2016 cult favorite is an overlong feature that stretches out its run time a bit too far with its simplistic story. The best horror films have solid stakes that get you to cheer for the

VIDEO: My Best Friend’s Exorcism Giftbox from Prime Video | Horror Unboxing Video

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We got a gift box from @Prime Video for #mybestfriendsexorcism – check out the cool items we got for this release in this fun unboxing video. If you enjoy our video series, please subscribe and turn on your notifications and

EVENTS: Cult Classics presents DONNIE DARKO on October 8th at Landmark Scottsdale Quarter!

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On October 8th, Cult Classics will have you asking why are you wearing that stupid man suit when we bring you the 20th anniversary of DONNIE DARKO presented in a stunning 4K restoration courtesy of AGFA & Arrow Films TICKETS:

EVENTS: Cult Classics presents Sam Raimi’s THE EVIL DEAD on Saturday September 17th at Landmark Scottsdale Quarter!

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WE’LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL! Cult Classics kicks off the spooky season with a special 40th-anniversary screening of the original Sam Raimi horror in the woods presented in a stunning 4K restoration courtesy of Grindhouse Releasing! TICKETS: THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE

EVENTS: Cult Classics presents ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK on Saturday August 20th at 9pm at Landmark Scottsdale Quarter

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TICKETS: Join Cult Classics on Saturday August 20th at 9pm at Landmark Theatres Scottsdale Quarter for the greatest escape of them all, John Carpenter’s ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK! NEW YORK IS A DISEASE. MEET THE CURE. In 1997, the

EVENTS: Cult Classics presents THE CROW at Landmark Theatres Scottsdale Quarter on May 21st at 9 PM!

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IT CAN’T RAIN ALL THE TIME when THE CROW flies onto the Cult Classics screen on Saturday, May 21st at 9 pm at Landmark Theatres Scottsdale Quarter! TICKETS: BELIEVE IN ANGELS. Exactly one year after young rock guitarist Eric

VIDEO: THE NORTHMAN (2022) Film Review

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We just watched Robert Eggers’ newest film THE NORTHMAN from Focus Features / Universal starring Alexander Skaarsgard, Anja Taylor Joy, Willem Dafoe, Bjork, Nicole Kidman and Claes Bang. Check out Victor’s thoughts right out of the theatre in this social

GIVEAWAY: Advanced Screening Passes to see THE NORTHMAN on 4/20 in PHX & VEGAS!

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It’s no secret that THE NORTHMAN is one of our favorite films this year. With shades of Conan The Barbarian and Panos Cosmatos’ MANDY with a heavy dose of mindbending Viking imagery, it may well be one of the best

EVENTS: Cult Classics presents THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD on April 23rd at Landmark Scottsdale Quarter!

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DO YOU WANNA PARTY! CUZ IT’S PARTYTIME! After 2 years, the cemetery crypt has burst wide open and CULT CLASSICS is back with an all-new venue, Landmark Theatres Scottsdale Quarter, and tonight Cult Classics wants to celebrate our unholy resurrection

NEWS: Cult Classics returns on April 23rd with monthly screenings at Landmark Theatres Scottsdale Quarter

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Since 2011, Cult Classics has been the home for awesome DIY communal celebrations of some of our collective favorite films from our youth. From horror classics like The Exorcist to modern comedy hits like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Cult

VIDEO: THE BATMAN (2022) Movie Review

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Victor watched #TheBatman and here are his thoughts on the newest iteration of the Caped Crusader! Intro theme by Fabio Frizzi. If you enjoy our video series, please subscribe and turn on your notifications and follow us at for

GIVEAWAYS: Free Advanced Screener Link to Watch the Hulu Horror Film FRESH Starting 3/1!

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Hey horror fans! Want to check out a virtual horror premiere online from the comfort of your own home? We’ve got an RSVP link to see the new movie FRESH starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan! Link is valid from

VIDEO: THE CURSED (2022) Movie Review

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Victor Moreno from and Cult Classics reviews the new Werewolf Horror movie The Cursed (aka EIGHT FOR SILVER). Check out his thoughts below! 0:00 Intro 0:28 Movie Trailer 0:42 Thoughts on Director Sean Ellis 1:45 Movie Review 2:30 Story

VIDEO: UNCHARTED (2022) Film Review

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Victor reviews the new #UnchartedMovie – Is it a faithful adaptation, or is it a mishmash of Goonies, Last Crusade, and National Treasure by way of Fast and Furious? Find out in this review. If you enjoy our video series,

MOVIE REVIEW: BINGO HELL & BLACK AS NIGHT serve up social commentary with scares in WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE

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The first 2 entries of Amazon’s WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE for 2021 address the issue of gentrification through different lenses of Faustian bargains and vampiric encroachment in BINGO HELL and BLACK AS NIGHT One of the big surprises from last

MOVIE REVIEW: VENOM LET THERE BE CARNAGE is a fun fanboy-fueled follow-up that doubles down.

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Director Andy Serkis joins the merry mayhem of the Tom Hardy-led Marvel franchise in helming this monster vs. monster feature-length battle of the symbiotes. When Venom hit theaters in 2018, there were many naysayers who felt the movie was a

MOVIE REVIEW: THE ADDAMS FAMILY 2 scares up a good time as a fun follow-up to the 2019 original

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Directors Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan give audiences another fun visit with Charles Addams’ famous ooky and spooky family as the Addams hit the road in this adventure spotlighting Chloe Grace Moretz’ Wednesday as the lead. One of my favorite

MOVIE REVIEW: THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK delivers in a rich 1970’s set tale that parallels the popular HBO series

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Director Alan Taylor revisits the world of The Sopranos’ five families in this enthralling period tale set during the 1960’s Newark riots. It would be no small boast to say that HBO’s The Sopranos laid the foundation for what we

GIVEAWAY: PHX & LAS VEGAS! Free Advanced Screening Passes to see HALLOWEEN KILLS on 10/12

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Hey guys! We’re on Day 3 of our Pre-Halloween Horror Season Giveaway and today we’ve got a big one! Your friends at Cult Classics and Frost Communications want YOU to be among the first to see HALLOWEEN KILLS on the

GIVEAWAY: Win a Pair of Virtual Premiere Tickets to see MADRES or THE MANOR from WELCOME TO THE BLUMHOUSE on 10/7

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Hey guys! Your friends at Cult Classics and Frost Communications want you to be among the first to see the first 2 entries in the Welcome to the Blumhouse anthology series, MADRES and THE MANOR on October 7th! These are